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New product: 16×32 RGB LED panel + Arduino Uno connector shield

Today, we have added a new and colorful product to our Tindie store. It is a colorful RGB LED matrix panel kit that includes a 16×32 RGB panel, a RGB connector shield for Arduino Uno, a 2×8 IDC cable, and a power supply connecting cable for the RGB panel. The RGB panel operates at 5V and requires 12 digital I/O pins of Arduino Uno for full control of the display. We designed the RGB matrix connector shield to allow super easy connection setup between the LED display panel and the Arduino Uno board. Features: Operates at 5V (2A rated power supply

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New product: ASK RF transmitter and receiver kit

Today, we have added a new product to our Tindie store. It is a complete set of ASK RF transmitter and receiver modules for enabling wireless data transfer between two Arduinos. The kit consists of high quality ASK transmitter and receiver modules (433MHz carrier) along with matching copper spring antennas. There are tons of other cheap ASK modules available in the market. Most of them do not come with antennas and the user has to cut out and install a right size wire antenna for reliable operation. Our kit includes a complete solution with copper spring antennas. Following features makes

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Basic Experimenter Board for easy prototyping of electronic circuits

Most electronics projects require some common stuff like regulated power supply, input tact switches, and output LEDs during prototyping and testing phase. Wiring these things on a breadboard for every new project could be time consuming and boring. We introduce you the Basic Experimenter Board, a general purpose develoment tool that will not only reduce the prototyping time for your next project but also free up plenty of space on the breadboard. It features regulated 3.3V and 5.0V power supply on board along with four output LEDs, four input tact switches, one output buzzer with driver circuit, a potentiometer for simulating

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Embedded Lab wishes you a very happy new year

Christmas is over and we are now geared up to say good bye to 2014 and welcome to 2015. Embedded Lab would like to wish all of our readers, supporters, and contributors a very happy and prosperous new year. May 2015 bring you all the great things in your life. And here is the last discount coupon for this year. The discount offer starts now and will run until Jan 1st, 2015. 15% OFF using the code: 6BCF43D Applicable to all serial seven segment LED displays, Easy Pulse sensor, and cascadable LED matrix displays. If you are not familiar with latest Easy

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Introducing Easy Matrix: A cascadable 8×8 LED dot matrix display module

Easy Matrix is an easily cascadable 8×8 monochromatic LED dot matrix display module with onboard MAXIM’s MAX7219 LED driver chip. The MAX7219 allows you to drive the LED matrix using only three I/O pins of Arduino or any other microcontroller. The LED matrix module used in Easy Matrix has a bigger dot size (5mm) and has the overall display dimensions of 60.2mm x 60.2mm (2.4″x2.4″). It is easily cascadable in series with the help of precisely aligned male and female header pairs located on the left and right sides of the display module. With lots of freely available Arduino libraries

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