Comfort thermometer with remote sensors housed in an Ikea Ribba frame

Building a thermometer is a very popular project among beginner hobbyists. This comfort thermometer display built with 517 LEDs and four microcontrollers is a beautiful piece of art work with a very impressive and colorful display.

Comfort thermometer with colorful LED display

Comfort thermometer with colorful LED display

It uses:
1) PiC24FV16KA301 – controlling outer 36 RGB LEDs
2) PIC16F886 – bargraph and pink LEDs animations
3) ATmega328 – controlling 7-segment display
4) PIC16F57 – rf transmitter and receiver


The bargraph LEDs are current sinked with LM3914 LED display drivers, and current sourced via the PIC16F886 and transistors. The information from the temperature sensor (LM35) and humidity sensor (HIH-4030) is wirelessly transmitted once a minute to the main auto-dimming display which cycles through every 19 secs.

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