Easy Pulse board used as biofeedback for virtual jogging

Sergej Stoetzer and two of his students just finished their virtual jogging project, where the Easy Pulse board has been used to provide a biofeedback to their system. They interfaced an ear-clip sensor to the Easy Pulse board to detect the heart beat during virtual jogging. The output of the Easy Pulse board goes to a Lego Mindstorms NXT-Brick, which in turn hits the Arrow UpĀ key on a keyboard connected to PC. On the PC, a Google Street view is opened which moves forward every time the Arrow Up key is hit. So, the idea is to give you a virtual scenic run while jogging on a treadmill. The Easy Pulse detects the heart beat and the Lego Mindstorms NXT hits the Arrow Up key after every 4th pulse. More you jog, faster would be your pulse rate, and the scene changes on the PC screen accordingly.

Virtual jogging project

It was a very interesting project. Thanks to Sergej for informing us about this.

Link to project

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