MikroElektronika releases their latest universal development board that supports multiple microcontroller architectures

Mikroelektronika has released their latest version of universal development board, UNI-DS6, that supports eight different microcontrollers, namely PIC16F887, PIC18F8520, dsPIC30F6014A, Atmega128, CY8C27643, LPC2148, LPC2214, and AT89S8253. A separate mikroBoard for each of these microcontrollers are available, which can be inserted into the main development board so that you can perform experiments with your choice of microcontroller while the rest of the board remains the same. Each of the mikroBoards consists of an on-board programmer so no external programmer is required. The development board is fully featured with regulated power supply, external 12-bit ADC, USB-UART support, USB connector, serial EEPROM, standard LCD socket, GLCD with touch panel support, SD card slot, tons of LEDs and tact switches and many more.

MikroElektronika releases a new universal development board

UNI-DS6: MikroElektronika's new universal development board

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  • It’ a bit of a dissapointment that they changed the standard since UNI-DS3. And they removed ethernet controller from the board. Addon boards are a bit on the expensive side. But the good thing you can use them as stand alone boards for your projects.

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