Smart IoT alarm clock using Pi Zero

Smart IoT Alarm clock using Pi Zero

Here is a very comprehensive Instructable from fgebhart about building a smart IoT alarm clock using Pi Zero that has some really nice features such as text-to-speech synthesizer, multiple wake-up sounds (such as MP3 songs, your favorite internet radio station, or news channel), alphanumeric LED segment displays with auto intensity adjustment, and more. Features: text to speech synthesizer three ways of wake-up sound: play local mp3 files play internet radio station and play latest news as podcast (independent to the alarm time) set alarm via smartphone or any other computer running apache2 server automatic display brightness adjustment audio amplifier volume control 3D-printalbe case

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Automatic pothole reporter

Pothole reporter

Potholes are one of the most common paving problems. They can not only damage vehicles but are also considered a serious road hazard. mchampio has posted an Instructables about building a NodeMCU based pothole reporter that records the locations of the potholes encountered during driving and later notifies the concerned authority. The location of the potholes are captured using a GPS module. Every time a pothole is encountered, the driver needs to press a push button to record its location. It can be further automated by installing an accelerometer for detecting the potholes.

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Comfort thermometer with remote sensors housed in an Ikea Ribba frame

Comfort thermometer with colorful LED display

Building a thermometer is a very popular project among beginner hobbyists. This comfort thermometer display built with 517 LEDs and four microcontrollers is a beautiful piece of art work with a very impressive and colorful display. It uses: 1) PiC24FV16KA301 – controlling outer 36 RGB LEDs 2) PIC16F886 – bargraph and pink LEDs animations 3) ATmega328 – controlling 7-segment display 4) PIC16F57 – rf transmitter and receiver   The bargraph LEDs are current sinked with LM3914 LED display drivers, and current sourced via the PIC16F886 and transistors. The information from the temperature sensor (LM35) and humidity sensor (HIH-4030) is wirelessly transmitted once

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Motion control camera robot for creating moving time-lapses

Dolly: Motion control camera robot

Motion-controlled autonomous camera robots are great for capturing moving time-lapse. Sacheth, Ope, and Jason (three ECE students at Cornell) built an iPhone controlled moving robot with a mounted camera to serve the same purpose. The position of the camera can be controlled as well through the iPhone App. Users can also pre-program it with certain motions with time intervals to capture a moving time-lapse of a landscape. The brain of their camera robot is the PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller that receives commands from the iPhone App over Bluetooth. Two DC motors are used to drive the camera robot, while a unipolar stepper motor controls the camera rotation. See the

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Portable Smart Projector using Raspberry Pi Zero

Smart projector using Raspberry Pi zero

Like smart TVs, smart projectors also features built-in Wifi connectivity and support media streaming from services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, and so on. A recent video from NovaSpirit (posted below) illustrates how to convert a cheap $70 standard projector into a smart projector by adding a Raspberry Pi Zero. An USB hub is hardwired to the Pi Zero so that you can use an Wifi dongle (for internet connectivity) and an USB keyboard. The Pi Zero board derives power from the projector circuit board.

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