ESP8266 smart lamp

Voice-controlled smart lamp

In her new Instructables, BECKY STERN illustrates how to add a voice control feature  to an vintage lamp using ESP8266 and Amazon Echo/Alexa. To control the AC portion of the circuit, I’m using a Power Relay FeatherWing– just interrupt the hot lamp wire and plug the stripped ends into the Normally Open and Common screw terminals. Remember, if you don’t know AC, find someone who does to supervise. My lamp had a switch along the cord, so I just removed it and used the wire that the switch had been controlling.

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Arduino-driven display console for car

Car OBD data display console

RyanM415 built an Teensy 3.6 powered car display using an on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) adapter from Freematics and a 7″ TFT LCD from Adafruit. The display has two pages: one shows off when the car is in drive and the other for when it is in reverse gear. During driving mode, it displays the RPM, MPH, engine load percentage, battery voltage, cabin temperature, and engine coolant temperature. And in reverse mode, the Arduino IDE compatible Teensy 3.6 reads an animated bitmap image of the car and displays it along with the readings from the backup sensors.

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DIY Ultrasound imaging

DIY ultrasound imaging system development kit

This DIY Ultrasound Imaging development kit is kelu124‘s entry to Hackaday 2017 prize and is equipped for imaging, based on two ad-hoc ultrasound boards, a Raspberry, a custom ADC, and a motherboard. This HSDK has for objective to: – consolidate existing hardware research; – simplify and lower the cost of the kit; – permits benchmarking of ultrasound systems; – introduce a simple API to control hardware; – have a server which provides both raw ultrasound and data standard DICOM files; – have a kit that can be used for pedagogical and academic purposes – not to mention people who want

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Relays and Triacs controller to support homebrewing

Arduino Process Controller

Andy Brown is fond of beers and he loves homebrewing. To automate the temperature control required for fermentation and conditioning process, he designed a process-controller based on Arduino processor that allows precise switching of three relays to control the heaters, fridge and fans that are the parts of the temperature controlling mechanism in his brew fridge. The controller also features a triac for phase-angle dimming that is helpful for proportional heater or fan control. The device connects to a host PC via USB. Find details here.

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