STM8 Microcontrollers – the Final Chapters


PDF version of all the tutorials can be downloaded from here – Starting STM8 Microcontrollers.

All tutorial codes are available here.


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  • Hello,
    How can i change the font size so i can support for example [92][12] ? Saw some libraries on the net but i am not sure if they are compatible with this code… or am i doing something wrong ? I tried manipulating the current one with some cycles within ” OLED_print_char ” also chaning 0x06 to 0x0C with a font library also tried creating fonts but i did not get the expected result. Can you give me some advice please ?
    Thank you for your time!

    • The coordinates of the OLED displays are mapped as multiples of 8-bits or 8 dots in both x and y directions. So just by changing x-coordinate values won’t result in larger fonts…. You must also take care of the y-coordinate too…. Take the example of the bitmap function:

      void OLED_draw_bitmap(unsigned char xb, unsigned char yb, unsigned char xe, unsigned char ye, unsigned char *bmp_img)
      unsigned int s = 0x0000;
      unsigned char x_pos = 0x00;
      unsigned char y_pos = 0x00;

      for(y_pos = yb; y_pos <= ye; y_pos++)
      OLED_gotoxy(xb, y_pos);
      for(x_pos = xb; x_pos < xe; x_pos++)
      OLED_write(bmp_img[s], DAT);

      It takes care of the y-coordinate part once the x-coordinate points are filled up….

  • Hi great tutorial!
    Can you post code for interfacing external eeprom using i2c for stm8s003f3??

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  • Outstanding bro. Carry on. Wish your good luck.

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