HID IR Keyboard using PIC18F25J50

A PIC18F25J50 based USB HID IR keyboard from Suraj Bhawal uses a TSOP IR decoder IC to receive IR signals from an IR remote and convert them to HID inputs.

HID IR Keyboard

HID IR Keyboard

For this project, I used a PIC18F25J50 microcontroller with a TSOP IR decoder. I used this microcontroller because of three reasons. First, this mcu is available in tiny QFN package which helps reducing the overall board size. Second, this mcu supports usb communication without using an external crystal/resonator which again helps reducing the board size. And third, is that I have several of these laying around in my stock. The list of components required to make this project is very tiny. Hence it’s not very hard to build this circuit. But, if you want to build the circuit I built, you’ll need very steady hands and expert soldering skills.

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