Seven segment LED clock with a coconut shell enclosure

Here’s another seven segment LED based digital clock using a PIC microcontroller. The project uses a 4-digit common anode type seven segment LED display, a PIC16F727 MCU, and BCR562 transistors operating as switches to drive the LED segments and common anodes. A coconut shell enclosure gives an artistic look to the clock.

Seven segment LED display clock

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  • It wd be nice to have some help from you related to my real time clock & temp project. I have to display time using 6 seven-segment display in hh:mm:ss format and temperature in 2 seven-segment display in tt format. There should be options to adjust the hour and minute in the ckt.

    I have to use c programming.
    The Real time clock should be very accurate without delay over month.
    Can you pls suggest me to select PIC and related ic’s?

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