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Tinkering TI MSP430F5529

In my past tutorials on MSP430s, I demonstrated how to get started with MSP430 general purpose microcontrollers from Texas Instruments (TI). Those tutorials covered most aspects of low and mid-end MSP430G2xxx series microcontrollers. For those tutorials, TI’s official software suite – Code Composer Studio (CCS) – an Eclipse-based IDE and GRACE – a graphical peripheral initialization and configuration tool similar to STM32CubeMX were used. To me, those low and mid-end TIs chips are cool and offer best resources one can expect at affordable prices and small physical form-factors. I also briefly discussed about advanced MSP430 microcontrollers and the software resources needed to use them effectively. Given these factors, now it is high time that we start exploring an advanced 16-bit TI MSP430 microcontroller using a combination of past experiences and advanced tools. MSP430F5529 is such a robust high-end device and luckily it also comes with an affordable Launchpad board dedicated for it.

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MSP-EXP430F5529 USB Experimenter’s Board for HALF price!

TIDeals is offering 50% discount on MSP-EXP430F5529 USB Experimenter’s Board (Normally, it’s $149, and $74.50 after discount), and that includes free international shipping too.

MSP-EXP430F5529 USB Experimenter’s Board

From MSP-EXP430F5529 Experimenter Board User’s Guide,

“The MSP-EXP430F5529 Experimenter Board is a development platform based on the MSP430F5529 with integrated USB. The Experimenter Board showcases the abilities of the latest family of MSP430s and is perfect for learning and developing USB-based applications using the MSP430. The features include a 102×64 dot-matrix LCD, microSD memory card interface, 3-axis accelerometer, five capacitive-touch pads, RF EVM expansion headers, nine LEDs, an analog thumb-wheel, easy access to spare F5529 pins, integrated Spy-Bi-Wire flash emulation module, and standard full JTAG pin access. The kit is pre-programmed with an out-of-box demo to immediately demonstrate the capabilities of the MSP430 and Experimenter Board.”

Although the on-board processor has 128 KB of Flash program memory, the free version of Texas Instruments’ Code Composer Studio (CCS) limits you to compile code up to 16KB only.